EcoMize USA Certified PEPCO Trade Ally

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PEPCO Trade Ally

PEPCO Trade Ally

PEPCO Trade Allies are technical partners who are trained in PEPCO’s Trade Ally program’s methods and procedures  and are integral to delivering the program to PEPCO Commercial Customers. Trade Allies like Ecomize USA are responsible for working with PEPCO customers in meeting their energy savings goal and facilitating those customers in getting their incentives available through the program. Working with EcoMize USA as your PEPCO Trade Ally, you receive the following assurances:

  • Confidence in working with EcoMize USA as an experienced energy efficiency contractor and distributor as recognized by PEPCO
  • Trade Allies participate in training to learn about the program and to be able to provide technical support that can assist you with the applications and/or installations of energy efficient equipment for commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.
  • Enhanced knowledge to assist you, PEPCO’s customer in taking advantage of the available incentives that allow them to increase energy savings while decreasing your costs and carbon footprint.

There are tremendous benefits available to PEPCO commercial customers under the PEPCO Trade Ally Program.

  • Provide you a FREE walk through energy audit of your business
  • Give you several immediate energy savings measures
  • Recommend energy savings measures that can often save more than 40% on your electric bill
  • Get PEPCO to pay for up to 80% of the recommended measures

Contact us today to find out how PEPCO’s Trade Ally program can impact your bottom line.

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