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Blower Door Testing

Form of diagnostic testing used to determine the amount of air leakage in a buildling and to identify the main sources of leakage. The blower door consists of a panel with a built-in fan that fits an open doorway. The fan either pressurizes or depressurizes the building to a standard pressure. Gauges then measure the air leakage.

Air leakage occurs through holes in the thermal barrier of a building. Common areas of leakage include areas around door and window frames, plumbing and electrical fixtures, through fireplaces, and access doors or stairs to attic spaces.

Air leakage results in air that is intentionally heated or cooled — known as conditioned air — escaping a building, resulting in wasted energy and higher utility bills.

The same holes that cause air leakage also cause air infiltration, where unconditioned outside air entering the building can cause indoor air quality and thermal comfort problems for building occupants. This can lead to potential durability issues with the building itself

 Duct Blaster Testing

Similar to blower door testing, duct testers are used to determine the amount of air leakage through a building’s duct system. Duct pressurization assembly and functionality is similar to that of a blower door, but it is connected to the building’s duct system.

Duct leakage results in inefficient distribution of conditioned air within a building, leading to wasted energy and pressure differences within the building that can cause indoor air quality issues.

Purpose of These Tests

EcoMize's blower door and duct blaster diagnostic testing can lead to more efficient, durable and comfortable buildings. By testing buildings for air tightness, building owners can make informed decisions about where their buildings are wasting energy and how to remediate these deficiencies. Blower door and duct diagnostic testing is also a crucial component of verifying work performed by builders and contractors in new construction, renovation, and weatherization projects.

Testing Method

Diagnostic testing on buildings requires hiring a qualified energy auditor to perform the tests. EcoMize auditors are BPI certified. After testing is performed an analysis of building performance and cost effective options for improving building energy performance is supplied. EcoMize can perform all aspects of improving your home's energy efficiency.

Benefits of Testing

 The benefits of blower door and duct diagnostic testing include:

  •  Assessing the energy performance of a building’s shell and duct system

  • Identifying the sources of air leakage and infiltration, addressed through air sealing, can lead to improved indoor air quality and thermal comfort for building occupants and increased durability for the building

  • Make informed decisions on how to improve building’s energy efficiency

  • Builder and contractor work is verified