Addressing Lighting for Energy Savings

Lighting represents 22% of the average commecial energy bill ... the single larges category.  For that reason, it is a great area to look at to drive savings.  Recent technological enhancements in retrofits, LED and lighting controls are making significant impact in reducing lighting energy consumtion.  In that manner they represent an effective cost reducint strategy,


T8 Lighting Project

 Converting commercial and industrial spaces to energy efficient lighting remains one of the most cost effective areas in conservation. Incentives for high performance linear fluorescent have continued to be offered, promoting cost saving energy efficiency.

Solid State Lighting (SSL)

Solid State Lighting, also known as LED Lighting, is improving rapidly in terms of performance, cost and energy savings.

Advanced Lighting Controls (ALC)

Lighting controls can save energy by dimming or turning off lights when the lights are not needed. "Advanced" lighting controls use wired or wireless networks to combine multiple control functions such as occupancy sensing, high end tuning, daylight harvesting, etc. ALC can help save 50% to 80% of the energy for lighting a commercial or industrial space.