EcoMize Helps Smart Communities Save Everyday

$3,002,306. Saved and Still Counting

Call today and start your community on the road to savings.


$78,793. Saved 

by 530 Unit complex.

Total measures installed 4810.

$62,838. Saved

by a 308 unit complex.

Total measures installed 3670.

BGE & PEPCO Communities are Eligible

The cost of supplying the Multi-family Quick Home Energy Check-up is covered under the EmPower Maryland Act at no additional charge. 

The Savings are Huge!

We have saved communities 381,036,269 kwh of electricity, over 150,000 therms of gas and an amazing 1.63 million gallons of water

The Process is Easy

Just give us a call. 410-446-7283. We will meet with you to determine what measures you think are best for your community. We schedule the work and you begin SAVING.


Why Choose Us?

We pride ourselves on 100% satisfaction.

We have serviced over 20,000 units. We have installed more than 200,000 measures