Quick Home Energy Check-Up

Save Energy have a Quick Home Energy Check up:

An EcoMize USA certified BPI Energy Auditor will come to your home review what measures you can take to improve the energy efficiency of your home. This includes a review of the attic, windows, doors, basement, insulation and appliances. The Auditor will provide you with information on available REBATES and Energy Saving Programs like Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®.

We can install energy saving bulbs throughout your home. Aerators and showerheads can be installed, even if you presently have a handheld we can replace it with a new energy efficient one. We wrap electric water heaters and install pipe wrap for gas and electric water heaters where possible. And, now we can install NEW Energy Saving Power Strips for your Home Entertainment Center and/or Home Office.

We will install all possible measures and provide you with a printed report of our findings.

The EMPower Maryland Act's goal is to reduce Maryland's energy consumption by 15% by the year 2015.  To help meet this goal you are entitled to a Quick Home Energy Check-up at no additional charge.  We say "no additional charge" because your utility company has been collecting a monthly fee that covers this service.

Your Quick Home Energy Check-Up Includes:

  • 12 energy saving bulbs

  • Water saving measures

  • Tank and pipe wrap for you water heater

  • NEW ...  Energy saving Smart Strips

  • A review of your home's energy needs

Take advantage of this great program.

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