Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Rebates

Rebates up to $3,150 from the BGE's  Smart Energy Savers Program® are available, based on approved measures. The rebates are also available for PEPCO customers thru their Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program

After the work is completed EcoMize files all the paper work for the Rebates. We make the process easy you get the Savings!

Up to 50% of improvement cost, $2,000 maximum

(Includes equipment rebates, Quality Installation, Duct Sealing, and Cooling Efficiency Improvements)

 Maximize Your Savings

  • To take advantage of Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® rebates, you must work with a participating Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® contractor (like us).  Ecomize USA will help you determine the best improvements for your home and help you apply for Home Performance rebates.  All customer rebates are paid after completion of a HomePerformance with ENERGY STAR® job.

  • If financing is needed, contact the Maryland Clean Energy Center for loans that can help cover the full cost of improvements.

  • Be sure to take advantage of applicable 2014 Federal Tax Credits, which can make energy savings both practical and painless.