Air Seal – Insulate – Weatherize

Weatherization is the practice of optimizing a building’s performance for maximum energy efficiency and overall comfort. When conditioned air is allowed to escape a home, the a/c or heater must continue to operate in order to maintain comfortable temperatures. This results in unnecessarily high utility bills. The worst of these bypasses, or openings that allow air to infiltrate, are located between a home’s conditioned living-space and its unconditioned attic. Insulation will not suffice in preventing conditioned air from escaping through bypasses.


Get a 50% REBATE for Weatherizing your home...EcoMize is a certified HPwES contractor. We do the work and file all the paperwork for you.

The solution lies in stopping infiltration from the largest bypasses with infiltration-preventing paper and spray-foam. Although tedious and physically demanding, weatherizing your home is still the most cost effective measure you can take to lower your utility bills, save-the-environment, and make your home a more comfortable space to live in.

Using the information gained from the Energy Audit, EcoMIze systematically goes through your home eliminating the bypasses in and around crawl spaces, doors, windows, and electrical outlets. Then we’ll climb and crawl our way through your attic, sealing bypasses around knee walls, top plates, duct and chimney chases, wiring holes, soffit vents, and recessed lighting housings.

Rebates up to $2000. are available.

To Qualify for the Rebates you must first have an Energy Audit to determine the most effective measures to improve your home's efficiency.